Professional Hamilton Windows and Doors Installation

Window and door installations vary greatly depending upon the age and style of the home as well as the products being installed. There are many ways of taking out an old window or door and installing a new one, but there are only a few ways that will hold up over time. It is critically important that the exterior integrity of the home is maintained throughout the installation process.

The new window must be properly integrated into the wall structure utilizing multiple sealing layers. A weatherboard system of layering is used during the installation process, which ensures that the harsh winter rains will not be able to penetrate into the walls

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Windows and Doors Replacement

We can get any brand or style you may be looking for so the possibilities are endless. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and going out of our way to give them an excellent experience.

Residential and Commercial

We provide excelent residential craftmanship but also we offer Commercial, our jobs have ranged from work for variety stores and record stores to pizza chains and shoe stores.


A Quinn Construction's sunroom addition is designed and customized to blend perfectly with your current house design.

Operated by kevin for over 25 years, Quinn Construction Inc. operates a professional team that specializes in window and door installation in Brantford, ON and surrounding areas.

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